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With the last few minutes of the finale being chock-full of tender moments, it was perhaps hard to focus on any given one and fully appreciate its significance. Though each was touching in its own way, this scene in particular struck a chord with me as it represents a mutual suffering between father and daughter that illustrates the strength of their love. Despite being the Avatar to everyone else, Korra, in Tonraq’s eyes, is simply his little girl, who he couldn’t protect when she needed him the most. And even now when she has been broken so, all he can see is everything she feels she’s lost. And this genuine reminder of how her father will always see her gives her a reason to smile if only for an instant.






I can never get enough Winchester code words. Also, being from the pacific northwest, my first reaction was “what the hell is a Poughkeepsie?”

I had to google it. Apparently it’s a city in New York.

What the hell happened in Poughkeepsie?

I love when we heard their code words. Like funky town. Or how if they get separated, to go to the first motel in the phone book. Can we have more Winchester secrets, please?

Winchester Secrets We Currently Know:

  • Poughkeepsie: Drop everythign and run
  • Funky Town: There is a gun at my head.
  • If they get separated, go to the first motel in the phonebook
  • Five-O: I’ve been caught, get the Hell out of here
  • 11-2-83: The combination to the compartment in Baby.

"Somethings stuck to my shoe" mean you’re being followed

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